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Israel-Firsters  in US House of Representatives, Led by Lantos, Weiner, and Lehinen, Pass Yet Another Anti-Palestinian Legislation

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, December 8, 2006

C-Span, December 7, 2006 aired speeches of three members of the US House of Representatives pushing for the adoption of their legislation to further starve the Palestinian people. The legislation punishes Palestinians  for not surrendering to their Israeli occupiers who forced them out of their homeland and they want them now to legitimize the theft by recognizing the Israeli occupation government.

Israeli-Firsters and Zionist dinosaurs in the US House of Representatives, Led by Lantos, Weiner, and Lehinen, pressured other members of Congress to vote for yet another anti-Palestinian legislation.

The Zionist zealots Tom Lantos of California, Weiner of New York, and Lehinen of Florida spoke in a very hateful way against the Palestinian people. Lantos in Particular expressed gloating in starving the Palestinian people yet more for daring to vote for Hamas.

According to the new legislation (HR-2370, Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act), which was passed by the AIPAC-controlled rubber-stamp US Congress, the US government should deny funding to the Palestinian Authority as long as the elected Hamas leaders run it.

The most important consequence of such legislation, however, is not denying US funding to the Palestinian Authority. Rather, to obligate the Bush administration to use its influence on other nations not to provide assistance to the Palestinian people.

Qatar's foreign minister was summoned to the US State Department yesterday to rebuke him for his country's announcement of paying salaries of Palestinian teachers. Condoleezza Rice does not want to see Palestinian government employees getting paid even by their Arab brethren.

This Lantos-Weiner-Lehinen legislation is an example for students of American politics of how Zionists control the US government in service of the Israeli occupation government policies. Any legislation bill presented by any number of Zionists in Congress about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is going to pass automatically by the AIPAC-controlled US rubber-stamp Congress. (See Carter's new book, Walt and Meirsheimer's Israel Lobby paper, and Findley's famous book, Who dares to speak? for explanation).

This legislation comes also only one day after the Zionist Israeli occupation ideologue, Shimon Peres, announced a worldwide Israeli plan to throw out the Hamas government.

The Zionist Israeli plan focuses on starving the Palestinian people, as a punishment to them for electing Hamas, and a pressure on Hamas to give up the government to its Fateh rival, which is accepted by Israelis and their followers in the US and Europe.

The Zionists are mad that Hamas has refused so far to recognize Israel as an occupying power. They want the Palestinians to surrender and accept all Israeli conditions before negotiations. Well, Fateh did that and gained nothing in ten years.

These Zionist dinosaurs in US Congress have not realized yet that their days may be numbered after pushing the US to the disastrous invasion of Iraq in service of Israeli interests.

The Baker-Hamilton Commission recommended that the US address the Palestinian grievances and help establish the Palestinian state, in order for Arab and Muslim governments to be able to give a hand to America to get out of the Iraqi quagmire.

It doesn't seem that Lantos, Weiner, Lehinen, and their likes read the report.

They may never read it.


Shimon Peres: One of Israel's top priorities is to destroy Hamas government

Palestine News Network Thursday, 07 December 2006

Initiated by Israeli occupation government Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, an international campaign is underway to undermine the Palestinian national unity government. Shimon Peres is strongly attacking the idea of the coalition government, calling on the international community to ensure that it fails. These are the words of Al Quds Al Arabia, published on Thursday.

The Voice of Israel, army radio, said that Olmert would participate actively in the propaganda campaign against the idea of a national unity government, specifically attacking the role that the democratically elected Hamas party will play. Olmert's campaign is said to be prepared for his visits to Italy and the United Kingdom next week.

Sources quoted in the British-based daily added that Olmert will be telling the leaders of Italy and Britain, in addition to all European officials he meets with, that the international community must not retreat from the conditions set forth by the Quartet, including to recognize Israel and renounce violence. None of this, of course, takes into account that occupation is illegal and resisting it is both legal and legitimate under international law. Therein lies the rub.

The major source used by Al-Quds Al-Arabia pointed out that Olmert will explain that the “world demands a refusal of the government, regardless of who is at the helm.” Now why the Israeli Prime Minister should take such a position is clear, while the reality of such must be lost on no one.

Peres is quoted as saying that “the world is committing a big mistake if it allows the Hamas government to have a successful experience in office.” The Hamas government was democratically elected on 25 January 2006 with international monitors ensuring there was no foul play, other than Israeli soldiers blocking some checkpoints and Jerusalem residents being harassed. Even Jimmy Carter was there, as he was during the Palestinian presidential elections.

Peres told the Voice of Israel Radio that the success of Hamas in the government means that the international community has “recognized religious civil war in the region”. This coming from the leader of the “Jewish state.” Peres continued to say that the “failure of the experiment of the Hamas government is one of the top priorities of Israel.” And so it has been. On the first day the Hamas party took office the United States imposed a political and economic blockade, physically and materially threatening banks and nations, while Israel stopped paying the taxes it owes to Palestinians on import taxes it collects as all goods must pass through the Israelis.

Zionist Propaganda:

Sitting on most of historic Palestine, with land confiscation and settlement construction continuing literally every day, Peres said that the “Hamas government refuses to waive even one inch of the land of historic Palestine, refuses to recognize the State of Israel.” He even accused them of “adopting armed action and violence in the face of the State of Israel.” Resistance to occupation is legitimate, while his other claim, if one dares look at a map, is just plain wrong.


US HR drafts proposal to exclude Hamas from negotiations and forbid members from entering America

Date: 08 / 12 / 2006 Time: 09:48

Bethlehem - Ma'an –

The United States House of Representatives proposed a draft law which bans the American Administration making any contact or entering into dialogue with the Hamas movement, unless the movement recognises Israel and abandons 'terror.'

Earlier in the week the US Senate proposed a similar draft. It has been decided that the draft is to be presented to President George Bush for approval. According to the draft, Hamas members will not be permitted to enter the United States and all visa applications will be refused.






Earth, a planet hungry for peace

 Apartheid Wall

The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python (Alquds, 1/25/03.

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