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Al-Jazeerah: A Test of Freedom of Speech in the United States 

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, May 4, 2006

Since I created, founded, and started to edit Al-Jazeerah, on January 24, 2002, I took the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press in the United States extremely seriously.

In the last four years, Al-Jazeerah has become a forum and a herald celebrating these freedoms in the United States. No matter how much the works published were critical of the Bush administration, I have never been contacted by any government department or agency telling me to stop publication of any work, let alone stopping Al-Jazeerah as a whole. This is for the historical record and in celebration of these freedoms.

Having said that, I have received a lot of threats and hate mail from readers who were reacting to one or more of the works published or criticizing the Al-Jazeerah style, which scrutinized government policies.

From day one until today, Al-Jazeerah has functioned as an educational publication that promotes peace in the world, particularly between Palestinians and Israelis and between Americans and Iraqis, arguing that peace starts with ending the occupation.

If there's anybody in the US government who still wants to investigate Al-Jazeerah, please read my editorials published in the anniversaries of Al-Jazeerah, in the Editorials  section (See below).

It has been a fulfilling experience, more than four years of long hours of hard work everyday without any material gains. My gratification has been providing education to whoever seeks it, particularly to my fellow Americans.

But for Al-Jazeerah to continue as it has been, I need assistance from at least two people working full time with me.

I appeal to American institutions and individuals to grant Al-Jazeerah.info a large grant for this purpose, not for me personally.

By no means I'm looking for small donations from readers and I won't accept a grant from any foreign entity. It has to be from American institutions or individuals.

For now, I feel that I need a break from most of Al-Jazeerah work. However, I'll keep a minimum coverage of at least one news article about each of Palestine and Iraq.

With my great love to Al-Jazeerah readers everywhere.


Dr. Hassan El-Najjar is the Editor and Founder of Al-Jazeerah, published at (www.aljazeerah.info).


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