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Nassrullah and Peres: The War Was Supposed to Be October Surprise, and to Weaken Iran

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, July 26, 2006

Yesterday, both Hizbullah leader, Shaikh Hassan Nassrullah, and Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, spoke about the real agenda of the Israeli war on Lebanon.

Nassrullah spoke through Al-Manar TV, which was also simultaneously aired by several other TV stations. He said that his information now is that the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon was initially planned to start in September or October, using any excuse to start it at that time.

Nassrullah added that the Hizbullah military operation, which resulted in killing some Israeli soldiers and capturing two of them disrupted the preparation for that war.

Humiliating, as it was, to the Israeli arrogance of power and pretense of invincibility, Israeli leaders started their war prematurely, before completing their preparations, particularly in the aspects of information, weapons, and logistics.

Had Hizbullah not conducted the operation, it would have been surprised by the September/October Israeli war, which would have been much more devastating, Nassrullah said.

So, without knowing it, Hizbullah did itself a great favor by prompting the Israelis to start their war prematurely.

But what is the goal of this Israeli war on Lebanon?

Nassrullah answered that its goal is getting Lebanon out of the resistance equation and making it another Zionist Israeli-US satellite in the Middle East.

He concluded by saying that the Lebanese material losses can be recovered. He is willing to consider any political offers that uphold the Lebanese national dignity. He also threatened the Israelis that Hizbullah will start targeting cities beyond Haifa (i.e. Tel Aviv) and beyond beyond Haifa (probably Jerusalem).

Shemon Peres was interviewed by Wof Blizer of CNN in Jerusalem, who embarrassed him with several questions about Lebanese civilian casualties and destruction of the Lebanese civilian infrastructure. His arrogant answers make you wonder how a man with this degree of hate to humanity was granted the Nobel Peace Prize!

Anyway, Peres said that the real reason behind attacking Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah in Lebanon is weakening Iran to force it to come to the negotiation table.

Thus, ultimately, the real target is Iran. Leadership of the Zionist Empire has been relentless in its efforts to deny Iran possession of nuclear weapons. If this happens, then Israel will lose its monopolistic status as the only nuclear power in the oil-rich Middle East. This will lead ultimately to the Israeli withdrawal from the Arab occupied territories, as the Israeli nuclear deterrent will be removed in that case.

Moreover, a nuclear Iran will be strong enough to pursue a path of free economic and financial policies, which will threaten the financial hegemony of the rulers of the Zionist Empire, particularly when other Middle Eastern and oil-producing countries follow the Iranian lead.

So, for Israel, the war on Lebanon is to weaken Iran by convincing it that its allies are broken and will not be able to help it retaliate in case of a US-Israeli attack on its nuclear installations.

In other words, The Israeli war on Hizbullah is the first stage in the war on Iran. The second stage will be neutralizing Syria by promises of peace with Israel and Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Golan Heights. If Syria doesn't buy the trick and insists on substance, then it will be the second target.

For the Bush administration, the September/October planned war would have been a fatal blow to Democrats who are poised to win a majority in Congress due to the rising anger of the American people against the Bush war policies, particularly his unwarranted war and failure in Iraq.

So, the planned Israeli war on Hizbullah was supposed to serve as the Bush October surprise to paralyze American voters and force them to vote for Republicans, who asserted themselves so far as the WAR PARTY.

In deed, without knowing it, Hizbullah has done the American people a great service by thwarting the Bush October surprise.

Having said that, I can't finish this article without expressing my disgust of the way members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, conducted themselves when they pledged allegiance to Israel. They did that in public and through their repugnant resolutions in support of the Israeli terrorist aggressors who pursue a policy of killing civilians and destruction of infrastructure in Palestine and Lebanon.

Watching them doing that should dispel any doubts about who the boss is in the US that these members of Congress are loyal to, certainly not the American people. They have no shame. Even in the Third World dictatorships, members of parliament may have more dignity. They truly outbid the Israeli propaganda outlets in the US, like the fascist Fox news.

I hope that the American people vote them out of office and keep those who are only loyal to the United States, who want peace, and prosperity for the American people.


Earth, a planet hungry for peace

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The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


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