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Rice's Embarrassment Reflects Confusion Among the Empire's Zionist Leadership 

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, March 28, 2005


During the previous few days, the new US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, embarrassed herself and the Bush administration when she was forced to backtrack her statements concerning the illegal Israeli occupation settlements in the Palestinian occupied territory of the West Bank. 

Basically, Rice said that there was no US commitment for the Israelis to keep (a polite word for steal) these illegal settlements. Then, quickly and within hours, she backtracked what she said in a very embarrassing way. She had to admit ignorance about the meaning of the Bush commitment to Sharon and the meaning of the "freeze" on illegal Israeli settlement activities. The whole saga can be read at: Rice Creates More Confusion Among Palestinians and Israelis.

In fact, Rice's embarrassment reflects a state of confusion among the ranks of leaders of the Zionist Empire. It is very clear that Condoleezza Rice has not been given clear instructions about the issue of the illegal Israeli occupation settlements in the West Bank.

This situation reminds us of the embarrassment of Colin Powel during his visits to Israel and occupied Palestine in April 2002 (Colin Powell's Mission: A Surrender to the Zionist Hegemony; and Can Colin Powell Take the Zionist Heat?). Powell, at that time, expressed unqualified support for the Israeli occupation government and failed to stop the Israeli massacres in the occupied Palestinian territories. He behaved more as an employee in the Israeli Foreign Ministry than a US Secretary of State.

Even President Bush himself was forced to humiliation and embarrassment when Sharon defied him and continued his re-invasion of all the Palestinian population centers committing his war crimes. President Bush kept repeating his demands that Sharon should withdraw, withdraw now, withdraw immediately, ... etc. The only answer he got from Sharon was that he would withdraw only when he completes the job. The job was the massacres of Jenin and Nablus. (Sharon's Defiance Reflects the Zionist Hegemony and Gaddhafi Sympathizes With Bush).

The embarrassment and confusion have not been limited to the executive branch of the US federal government. Many members of the US Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, have been behaving as members of the Israeli Knesset, representing Israeli settlers, not their constituents in the United States. Loyalty to Israel is no longer hidden or accompanied with any shame. The most recent scandal was on March 25, when Congress objected to the administration intention to give the Palestinian Authority $200 million. About 344 of them passed a legislation threatening to cancel the whole $81 billion package for war in Afghanistan and Iraq if the administration insists on its position.

It turned to be that Tom DeLay, the Republican majority leader from Texas, has been behind the legislation which insisted on giving the money to non-government organizations, instead of the Palestinian Authority. Tom DeLay is an Evangelical Christian who worked with the Zionist Organization of America, which takes the position of illegal Israeli settlers in opposing the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories, including Gaza Strip.

The Bush administration had to seek for help from AIPAC, the top pro-Israeli government lobby, in order to convince Tom DeLay to stop his opposition to the administration plan (Congress Defies Bush, Snubs Palestinians on Aid Issue)!!!

Why do the embarrassment and confusion continue?

It is apparent that the top leaders of the Zionist Empire are split about the position of Israel in the Empire.

It seems that some of them consider Israel as the ultimate Empire. Therefore, it should not relinquish any Palestinian or Arab territories and should not allow a viable Palestinian state to exist. From this perspective, Israel should ultimately dominate the Middle East by invasions, occupations, or by "peace" agreements that reflect Israeli hegemony. This faction of Zionist leaders is represented by the position of the Zionist Organization of America and Evangelical Christians, like Tom DeLay, in Congress, and Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith, Rove, and Libby in the administration. Briefly speaking, these leaders represent the Lukud hardliners and illegal Israeli settlers who grab Palestinian lands by any means. They represent the "Permanent War" strategy to destroy Arab and Islamic states in preparation for subjugating them to the hegemony of the Israeli Empire, as an ultimate goal.

The second faction of the Zionist leaders of the Empire seems to conform to the line of the liberal Israeli Labor Party, which seems to be resigned to seeing Israel as a nation state living side by side with a viable Palestinian state as well as other neighboring Arab states. This faction seems to consider the US, not Israel, as the headquarters of the Zionist Empire. This faction is represented by liberal Zionists, such as those in AIPAC and WINEP. Inside the executive branch of the federal government, they were represented by the foreign policy team of the Clinton administration, namely Dennis Ross, Sandy Burger and Madelene Albright. 

The above is not an attempt to identify who the leaders of the Zionist Empire are. Certainly, politicians, researchers, and lobbying groups represent an important category. However, since the days of establishing the World Zionist Organization in 1897, super-wealthy capitalists have been playing a major role in managing and expanding the Zionist Empire. After all, they are the ones who donate for politicians to run for public office. Through their donations, they control who wins. In return, they have a say in appointing whomever they want in whatever position they want in government. 

Anyway, both factions may oppose or criticize any US administration, Republican or Democrat, but they never oppose or criticize the Israeli government. Both also behave as leaders of a world-wide Empire that includes direct and indirect colonies. Direct colonies are the countries which are under occupation and the countries that have provided the US with military bases. Indirect colonies are the countries that participate in a way or another in the "Permanent War" strategy, more commonly known as the "War on Terror."

Is there a way to prevent future embarrassment and confusion?

Until the issue of the position of Israel in the Zionist Empire is resolved, there will be more and more embarrassment and confusion among the US officials and members of the US Knesset (Congress).

More important and more serious than embarrassment of US officials is that this unresolved issue will lead to more bloodshed between Palestinians and Israelis. For true peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Israelis need to be told loud and clear that in order for them to receive their annual $5 billion subsidies, they need to live as a nation-state. They have to stop behaving as if they are in transition towards an Empire that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Dr. Hassan A. El-Najjar is the Editor of www.aljazeerah.info and author of  "The Gulf War: Overreaction & Excessiveness." (2001).

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The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


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