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A Call for Support and Volunteer Arabic Translators 

By Hassan El-Najjar, Editor of Al-Jazeerah.info

Al-Jazeerah, May 15, 2005

Dear Readers of Al-Jazeerah.info:

Despite the calls for supporting Al-Jazeerah.info published on the front page, Al-Jazeerah has only received a couple of hundred dollars or so every month. More support is needed to buy equipment, another webhosting service, and internet service.

This is also a call for volunteers who are capable to translate from Arabic into English. It is a call for unpaid public service for the cause of peace in the world. 

Arab TV stations, like Abu Dhabi TV, Jordan TV, Syrian TV, Al-Arabiya, together with Arabic newspapers, report on enormous number of resistance attacks, US military operations, and US-led Iraqi military operations, on daily basis. US media, including the following Reuters report, focus only on few attacks or events. Al-Jazeerah.info does not have the resources to hire translators to translate the daily huge number of news from Iraq. This situation continues day after day creating a huge gap between what is really going on in Iraq and what English readers around the world, particularly in the US, know about the ongoing war.  

Al-Jazeerah Editor would welcome volunteer Arabic translators who would translate news from Iraq, particularly what is reported on Arabic TV stations. The objective is informing English readers generally, and Americans in particular, with information that is not provided to them by the corporate media. Like all works published at Al-Jazeerah.info, this should be a public service and unpaid effort to educate people. Volunteer translators may contact the Editor at: editor@aljazeerah.info 

Earth, a planet hungry for peace

 Apartheid Wall

The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python. (Alquds,10/25/03).

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