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Donald Rumsfeld, George Orwell, and the Near Collapse of the Empire 

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, February 12, 2005


In a speech before a NATO security conference in Munich, Germany, today, the US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld urged Europeans to join his "war on terror" He warned them that "Radical Islamists do not seek an armistice with the civilized world. They will not negotiate a separate peace. Rather they seek to impose the totalitarian rule George Orwell described as 'a boot stomping on a human face -- forever,"  (Feb 12 issue of Al-Jazeerah: Rumsfeld Stresses Need for Allies in the "War on Terror).

It's amazing that Rumsfeld still doesn't want to admit that it is the US military presence in the Arabian Peninsula that led to the Alqaeda attacks on the US; and that the US invasion and occupation of Iraq is the cause of all the resistance, destruction, and civil war in Iraq today.

A US withdrawal from the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq will be a major step in ending the conflict, which he calls "war on terror." There will be no need for shedding any more American or Arab blood and there will be no need for more trillions of dollars of US national debt.

It is so sad that while Europe, China, Japan, and Russia are enjoying great economic and political progress and stability, the rulers of the United States are leading the country in the opposite direction.

They are dragging the US deeper into an astronomical national debt that has exceeded $7.6 trillion, with a permission from the rubber-stamp Congress to borrow one more trillion dollars to spend on the their "war on terror.

The neocon imperialist wars against the Arab and Muslim worlds have already  devastated the US economy and caused the US dollar to lose more than one-third of its value. And it is just a matter of time until one country after another will replace their dollar reserves with Euro and other currencies.

The funniest part of Rumsfeld's speech was warning other NATO members from the danger of hypothetical futuristic Islamic state that may practice what George Orwell warned against. I'm afraid that we in the US need to take notice that the necons are changing the US into the capitalist totalitarian society Orwell has warned us against.

When is Rumsfeld and the rest of the Empire neocon Consuls going to wake up before it is too late?

When are they going to start managing the Empire in an intelligent and just way, instead of the stupid use of force that is devastating the Empire's Crown Jewel, the US?

Earth, a planet hungry for peace

 Apartheid Wall

The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python. (Alquds,10/25/03).

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