US Terrorism Report includes Cuba and excludes Israel !!!

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        The US Department of State issued its annual report about terrorism that included seven countries that support terrorism. Four of these are Arab and Islamic countries: Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Sudan. One is an Islamic country, Iran, and the remaining two, Cuba and North Korea, are neither Arab nor Muslim countries. The report pointed to Iran as the primary supporter of "terrorism." However, it mentioned that Libya and Sudan made progress toward less support of "terrorism." The report was clear in considering the Palestinian struggle to end the Israeli occupation as "terrorism." Cuba was considered a supporter of terrorism because it has given refuge to dissident from central and south America. The report did not specify why is North Korea listed as a supporter of terrorism (alquds al-arabi, 5/22/02).

        The report is an evidence of the Israeli influence on the US foreign policy. Israel is the most terrorist state in the world. It has not stopped the killing of Palestinian civilians, destroying their property, occupying their areas, and terrorizing them by all means. Yet, it was not listed as a terrorist state. At the same, the Palestinian organizations that resist the Israeli occupation are listed as terrorist organizations. Iran, Syria, and Iraq are listed as supporters of "terrorism," because of their support for Lebanese and Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation. The most strange part of the report is including North Korea and Cuba as supporters of terrorism while they have not done anything that may classify them as such. They are not involved in any conflict and they do not support any group fighting anywhere in the world. It is so sad that the US Department of State is still influenced by Israel to this extent. There should be clear distinction between terrorism and resistance to foreign military occupation. Until this happens, the world will continue looking at the Untied State foreign policy representing the interests of Israel, not the interests of the United States. 

Hassan El-Najjar