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Blaming the Victim and Praising the Aggressor

     The Congress passed two resolutions that reflect its members' prejudice toward the Palestinian people. They also represent the current state of American federal politics: Praising Israelis even if they are the aggressors. The Senate, led by Joseph Lieberman,* passed a resolution that considered Israeli brutal military campaign against the Palestinian people as a struggle against terrorism. 

     The House was much more blunt in its support for the Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people. It even condemned President Yassir Arafat for his continuous support of "terrorism." Tom Lantos (D),* who sponsored the resolution with Tom Delay (R),* emphasized that Israel is a democracy!!!

    Guys, wake up, the whole world is watching. Are you members of the Israeli Knesset? Actually, these resolutions can never be passed  in the Israeli Parliament. The Israeli Left and the Arab members there will defeat them. Guys, you're much, much more Israeli than Israelis. Slow down.

    And Mr. Lantos, by the way, Israel is not a democracy. It's a military dictatorship. Three generals ruled it in the previous ten years: Rabin, Barak, and Sharon. Democracy means majority rule. Six and a half millions out of the seven and a half million Palestinians are deprived of their political rights, including voting. If you want a more accurate description, the Israeli government represents an ethnic minority. It is NOT a democracy, even if CNN sings this song 24 hours a day, and even if members of Congress become a chorus in the same song.

Hassan A. El-Najjar