Thirty-Five Years of Israeli Terror

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June 5, 1967 - June 5, 2002

        On June 5, 1967, Israeli air force raided on Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian airbases, destroying the few airplanes, so-called air forces, of the three Arab states, in just few hours. The War, though, became known as the six-day war because this was the time Israeli tanks took to occupy the territories Israeli planners targeted for occupation. Zionists and their supporters rejoiced in Israel and all over the world. From that moment on, Israel has received more financial and military assistance from the US than ever before, apparently to be able to control the newly acquired lands and the conquered Palestinian population.

        The Israeli achievement has been admired by many American military leaders, politicians, journalists, and even academicians, who recorded that in their writings. They gave their audiences the impression that Israelis achieved a miracle in that war. Actually, many of them used the term "six-day war," which was first used by Yitzhak Rabin, in reference to God's creation of the the universe in six days.(1)  However, it was not a miracle because miracles are good things that happen to people, by the will of God. Rather, it was an evil act that was made possible by the sophisticated air force that France provided Israel with and by equipment financed by West Germany, part of the compensation for the holocaust. Instead of using the money for construction, rehabilitation and compensation of Palestinian refugees, or cooperation with neighboring Arab states, Israel used it for the purchase of weapons. Actually, the Zionist influence in the West made sure that Israel would be stronger than all Arab states combined, which made Israeli expansionist policies possible.

        For thirty-five years, since the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, the Middle East has not known peace. In particular, the Palestinian people have been subjected to a brutal and continuous occupation that targeted their existence. Israel neither extended citizenship to Palestinians nor allowed them to have their independent state, where they can be citizens in a country. The objective has been to make their life so unbearable that they leave their homeland. Even though most of them have not left, Israeli governments kept building settlements for Israelis in the occupied territories, with full financial support from the United States. This has meant more suffering and deprivation, as more and more Palestinian lands are confiscated.

     For Palestinians, in particular, and Arabs in general, Israel has meant one thing: terror. Thirty-five years of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories have meant mistreatment, persecution, and oppression. For what? What did Palestinians do to these Zionists to receive all this aggression? What did Arabs and Muslims do to be mistreated, invaded, and attacked? What should it take to end this disgrace in the human history?

Hassan El-Najjar


(1) See Chapter 9 of El-Najjar. 2001. "The Gulf War: Overreaction & Excessiveness." Genrals Schwarzkopf and Powell, and Scowcroft, all expressed their admiration. Schwarzkopf even extended the ground war arbitrarily to 100 hours, so that historian would mention it as the five-day war, that is one day less than the Israeli "miracle." This led to the unnecessary killing of thousands of retreating Iraqi soldiers.