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On July 14, 2002, CNN published this photo for a Palestinian toddler the Israeli occupation forces found in a house in Hebron.  The photo shows the Palestinian baby with a real gun and a plastic rifle. The implication is that Palestinians are violent. It is apparent that the Israeli disinformation campaign aims at justifying the Israeli brutal military occupation of Palestine. The truth is that there is no more violent society than the Israeli society. Since its establishment, Israel launched six major wars against its Arab neighbors. These were in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, and the present war which has continued since March 29, 2002 against the Palestinian people. No society on Earth is as armed to teeth as the Israeli society. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear, biological, and chemical. 

No matter what means the Israeli propaganda machine may use, it won't be able to hide the fact that Israelis are aggressors, occupiers, and land grappers (grippers). The settlements they have built in the Palestinian territories since 1967 are symbols of greed. They represent the Zionist ideology that ignores the welfare and well-being of Arabs generally and  Palestinians in particular. People all over the world know these facts and a photo of a Palestinian baby with weapons won't change the reality that the Israelis are the violent ones.

The way out is crystal clear: ending the Israeli occupation, dismantling illegal Israeli settlements, recognizing the Palestinian state, and giving Palestinian refugees their rights according to UN resolutions. Propaganda campaigns in major US TV stations won't bring peace to Palestinians and Israelis, to the Middle East, or to the world.

Hassan El-Najjar