7 Israelis killed and 70 injured in a Hebrew University explosion, in West Jerusalem












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A statement by the Hamas Palestinian organization military wing, Izzidin Al-Qassam, annouced the responsibility of group for the explosion that killed seven and injured seventy Israelis in the Hebrew University, in West Jerusalem, today. The statement mentioned that it was the organization's first retaliation to the Gaza massacre of 7/23/02, in which 15 Palestinians were killed and 170 were injured as a result of a planned Israeli attack on Al-Daraj neighborhood, in Gaza city.

 A Hamas political leader, Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi, called on the Palestinian President, Arafat, to give the Palestinian resistance the chance for the following five years to end the Israeli occupation by force after the failure of all peaceful efforts to achieve that goal. Khaled Mish'al, a Hamas spokesman in Damascus, said that the only way for Israelis to stop Palestinian resistance is by ending their military occupation of Palestine instead of killing more more Palestinians.

The Israeli police sources said that the explosion this time was not a suicide bombing. They suspected that it was a bomb left in a bag, in the University cafeteria (Abu Dhabi TV, MBC TV, aljazeera.net, 7/31/02).

Comment: This is exactly what Sharon and his Defense minister, Ben Eliezer, wanted to achieve: a continuous conflict. Actually, this is the prevalent paradigm among the Israeli ruling elite. The former Likud Prime Minister Bibi Netanyaho, said that openly during an interview in the pro-Israel TV network, Fox, last night (7/30/02). He said that the conflict should continue. Every time international efforts lead to a week or more of peace and a hope that finally Israeli occupation forces may be leaving the Palestinian territories, Sharon orders another assassination, shelling, destruction of property, uprooting of trees, indiscriminate arrests, or even a massacre like the one he ordered in Gaza, on 7/23/02. It is a process of continuous provocation of Palestinians to retaliate by suicide bombs or attacks, then these are used as a justification for new waves of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Thus, the Israeli government has actually been planning to cause the killing of more Israelis and Palestinians. This evil tactic has become very well known. However, if Palestinians accept all these Israeli atrocities, they end up as submissive slave labor force, which is a strategic Zionist objective. The evidence has demonstrated so far that Palestinians have resisted that scheme and there is nothing that suggests that they will stop their resistance.

Now, as Palestinians have been retaliating, as planned and expected by the Israeli government, supporters of Israel in the US government and the media will compete for the condemnation of Palestinian "terrorist" actions, while they were dead silent when Sharon and Ben Eliezer committed their war crimes in Gaza, last week. President Bush started by "condemning the attack with the strongest terms."

Hassan A. El-Najjar