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Israeli terrorism should be condemned by the US, particularly because a US-made F-16 was used to massacre 15 Palestininians and injure 170 others.

Twelve Palestinians were killed, including the Gaza head of the armed wing of the Hamas movement, Salah Shehade, and about 170 others wounded late last night in an Israeli jet strike on Gaza City, medical sources and Hamas said. An F-16 fighter plane rocketed a building in the city, Palestinian security and medical sources said.

Witnesses said the warplane fired a missile that leveled five houses in a Gaza City neighborhood. Officials at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital said at least 15 Palestinians, including three children, were killed in the attack (WAFA, Alquds, Arab News).

We got used to hearing US officials, particularly President Bush and Secretary Powell, condemning Palestinian suicide bombing or attacks on Israeli civilians, describing them as terrorist actions. This time, the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, has committed another brutal war crime. He knew in advance that bombing a residential area would lead to the destruction of houses and killing and injuring many civilians. However, he ordered it, which is a very clear case of the Israeli brutality. 

The Palestinian people will be watching to see and hear US officials condemning Israeli state terrorism with the same language and force they have condemned similar Palestinian actions. Palestinians will not be watching alone, the whole world will be watching the US reaction, particularly Arabs, Muslims, and Europeans. The US should express its condemnation and disapproval of the Sharon policy, which is designed to sabotage peace efforts. Just today, there were talks between Palestinians and Israelis to move forward with easing the tensions. But it seems that Sharon is not interested in seeing that happening. He knows that Palestinians will react, and the cycle of violence continues. The US should distance itself from Sharon and his policies. This is the chance to do so. It is also a chance for the US media to wake up and stop being apologetic for the Israeli butchers.Read more about and Print "Salah Shihada's Assassination"

Hassan El-Najjar