December 28, 2002                            

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Israelis and their supporters should pay for the suffering of the Palestinian people 

An Interactive Editorial*

By Hassan El-Najjar and Jasmine Bergmann**


Jasmine Bergmann: (12/27/02).

As much as I respect Islam, why must it be the reason of war? I understand Bin Laden for his hate - Bush only wants the oil fields.  The power.
In the end there is only one God. Be it Allah or Jesus. Why must we kill each other over this?. It is proven that there is one God.  Allah. Jesus. If we only would trust in Him. Let us not be divided.

Hassan El-Najjar:

You said it right, God has nothing to do with the war. It's not Islam, Christianity, or Judaism that cause wars. It's the quest for dispossessing others of their resources (oil and territory), military spending, and Israeli expansion in the Middle East. Your question should be asked to the silent majority in North America and Europe. Why do people in these two continents accept that their governments go to war against Third World countries? It's greed, since the days of Able and Cane, the two sons of Adam. I feel what you're trying to express. But until people in Europe and North America actively oppose their aggressive governments to stop invading the Third World countries, they will continue their invasions, which will trigger resistance over there, called terrorism in North America and Europe. Peace


Jasmine Bergmann: (12/28/02).

I have read your reply. You are right.

 It is not the question of religion but the question of power. Albeit I do not agree with terrorism, where innocent people and children die, the world has taken on a tunnel view. Everyone looks to the Americas and all that is ever talked about is September 11th, the people that died. No one ever mentions how many Palestinians have died, men, women and children.

 Israel, goes out and sues Switzerland, the banks, to pay for their pain during world war II. What about the Palestinians which were disowned when the state of Israel was instituted? What about all the people which were killed in the name of Israel meanwhile? Have the Israelis not repeated, what was done to them? Still do? What a double moral standard.

 It is sad. I wish I could stop the killing.


Hassan El-Najjar:

History has no mercy for oppressors. The Nazi paid for their crimes, so will the Israelis and their Zionist supporters. They will be sued wherever they live until justice is served. The Nazis persecuted Jews for few years but the Israelis and their Zionist supporters have been persecuting Palestinians for the last 54 years. They disowned them and denied them even to live in their homeland. They did not extend citizenship to them, which made them refugees for 54 years until now. The double standard blinds perpetrators. They don't want to believe that one day God's justice will apply to them, like Nazis, Fascists, and the previous oppressors in history.

Yes, you could stop the killing. You can stop the Zionist greed from spreading more wars. You can become active in politics. Influence your politicians, media, and religious and community leaders. The campaigns for greed wars should be rejected everywhere in the world. People everywhere should reject the fake characterization of the conflict. It's not between Muslims and Christians. It's not between Muslims and Jews. It's not between Muslims and Hindus. It's not even between Muslims and atheist Russians. Rather, it is for the most part, a capitalist assault on Third World resources, particularly oil. It is a Zionist relentless campaign to invade the Middle East with a major war in every decade. The objective is establishing a greater Israel that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates. In Chechnya, Kashmir and the Philippines, it's denying Muslims their rights for self-determination.

The present conflict is a perfect example of how small groups of organized and powerful people (the power elite) control society and use it for their own purposes. They control politicians through donations and through their privately-owned media. Politicians are given enough opportunity to be visible in front of their constituents if they serve the interests of the power elite and they are denied that opportunity if they show any signs of independent thinking. I'm here describing the United States, which may be different from other societies in Europe.

The answer to that is for communities and activists to create alternative media in order to tell the other side of the story that is not told by the special interest media. This will also free politicians from the tyranny of special interest groups. More people should volunteer their time and energy for politicians in their campaigns to minimize campaign costs, and consequently minimize dependence on special interest groups for financial support. In absence of that, politicians will compete to serve the interests of media owners and donors.

In brief, the problems of greedy capitalist wars and the reaction to them, labeled as terrorism, will be reduced if more people are involved in politics and governance. If most people continue as they are now, apathetic, disorganized, and ignorant about the motives of politicians, then the power elites will continue their wars. We have a lot to gain from true democracy, mainly peace and prosperity for the majority. But we have a lot to lose if the power elites continue their endless quest for more wealth and more power. We will lose peace, prosperity, and most important is that we lose our humanity by allowing others to be destroyed just because the greedy ones want their resources. Peace.  


* In interactive editorials, the editor of Al-Jazeerah answers questions and or responds to comments of readers, which are more general than readers' responses to specific articles or issues. It is an effective method of interaction in electronic journalism.

** Dr. Hassan A. El-Najjar is the editor of Al-Jazeerah. Jasmine Bergmann is an Al-Jazeerah reader, who lives in Switzerland.

Opinions expressed in various sections are the sole responsibility of their authors and they may not represent Al-Jazeerah's.