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Peace, Not War

By an anonymous poet*

November 2002



We gotta take a moment take a minute to think,
All these bombs, all this war is makin' mankind extinct.
All these children who are dyin' in these needless killin's
Over oil, money, power and control over tingz...

And then BOOM another bomb is dropped,
"Terrorist" dismissed but a whole mission flopped.
And like SHIT! another family killed,
Taxpayers in the West who are footin' the bill.
And then WHOA comes all the black gold,
At the price of a life for many young and old.

Ordinary people just caught in this game,
While politicians make excuses and spin lies all the same.
Like it ain't enough to be playin' in the life or death game.
They can go with the others in the brutes Hall of Fame,
Milosevic, Hitler, Sharon, coz they all just as lame.

Another 2 killers by the name of Bush and Blair,
A man and his poodle on a mission not so rare,
Exercisin' all their power while we all stand and stare,
Watchin' not doin' like we really couldn't care.
They plot and they plan and they hold an Arms' Fair,
All this death and destruction leaves us worse for wear.

What about little Jafar, six, brighteyed and fair?
Who's just seen his family killed by our own Premier?
Orderin' those strikes by land, sea and air.
Are YOU gonna sit there and just shake your head in despair?
Or you gonna get up and say "NO, Mr Blair!"

And while we sit silent, shufflin' our feet
Remember the roses that grew outta concrete...
Innocents usin' the rubble of their homes
As the only weapons against the Israeli backbone,
Who have weapons galore and are armed to the teeth,
Who think nothin' of killin' a child aged 3.

Remember Muhammad Al'Durrah, aged 12, with his dad,
Israelis lined up like they did somethin' bad,
Both father and son seeking shelter from the guns,
Cowerin' at a wall while bullets rained down on them.
And yet this was the only one pictured on the BBC,
There are thousands of clashes that end similarly.

All along the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip,
Palestinian towns invaded and left in a tip,
Any form of resistance and you're labelled "Terrorist"
No wonder suicide bombers are resortin' to this.
The media who are biased give half of the gist,
Leaving the truth to be hidden under the Israeli mist.

The Palestinian children slept when the troops moved in,
A day of murder and chaos in the town of Jenin,
The water's dried up and gone from the Peace Fountain,
A thousand dead and yet we're still countin'

How long is this stupidness gonna last?
Politicians chit chat while lives are lost fast!
Kids with a white flag up on a wooden mast,
Cryin' "Peace PLEASE and make it last!"

"Why you wanna take what's not yours?"
Kids bein' killed in their 2's and 4's,
The white dove has flown straight outta the door,
Olive branch isolated on the blood spattered floor.

This stuff really makes a grown man wanna cry...
Why the hell do people have to die before their time?
Admit it these words send a chill up your spine...
and still manz from Palestine are stood in a line,
Fathers, Uncles and all Brothers of mine,

All shot dead 1 at a time!

And the justification given for attackin' Afghanistan,
Is that they have Bin Laden and also the Taliban,
But it's a well known fact that has been brought to the boil,
The U.S. approached Taliban about the future of oil.
This probably ain't been said on CNN.com,
Face a "carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs"
What made it more shockin' it was said in the summer,
2001 before the beat of the war drummer...

Sayin' "September 11th" as every other word,
Some sorta justification for this war so absurd
No one has benefited apart from U.S. interests that is
Who now control Afghanistan and want a lot more than this.
So the 2 big idiots now look to Iraq,
A year since 911 when the sky turned black,
Isn't it a wonder there ain't been another terrorist attack?
With all this goin' on you'd think they'd be back.

"Weapons of Mass Destruction bein' held by Saddam"
Like America doesn't? Don't bullshit me man!
They've stolen from the poor and given to the rich,
And then they have the nerve to say "Well, Life's a Bitch"
It's the rich who were selfish at the Earth Summit,
Where Bush didn't show and Powell was dissed.
That's what they deserve when they don't show respect,
A bully boy nation that's slittin our necks...

Writin' this rhyme I cried an ocean of tears,
Puttin pen to paper was all that it is,
I hope and I pray that I do a lot more than this,
Cos it don't equal the work of a so called "Terrorist"
Who could be a boy no older than I,
Who didn't get a chance to wish his family "Goodbye"
His sisters were raped, his father was killed,
His mother long gone as God had so willed,
And then the West wonders why he tries to resist,
Controllin' the media, labelled "Another terrorist"

I hope this rhyme awakens the West from its slumber,
Those people who are dyin' ain't just a number,
They are people with lives, with values in mind,
Who are dyin' needlessly before their own time,
Before the fist drop of blood has hit the floor,
They have reached heaven, it's up to us to do more,
In a battle unprecedented, never been seen before,
Death and destruction? Or Stop The War?

Rest in peace all those that have died in the struggle in Palestine.

Rest in peace all those that died on September 11th 2001.

Rest in peace all those that died needlessly in the months that followed.

Rest in peace all those that have died in Kashmir.

Rest in peace all those who are dying now in Iraq.

Ya Allah! Make the ignorant realise the error of their ways and grant peace upon the World and peace upon the dead and patience to the friends and families of all those gone.


* Al-Jazeerah urges the poet or whoever know him or her to send in the name and we'll mention it as the author of the poem.

** What inspired me to write my poem about Sharon was that anonymous poem called " Peace not war". I loved the way the poet/writer expressed his/her feelings in the poem. It's a shame that they donít want their beautiful work to be known by giving their names, but that is their decision. It is a beautiful poem. Manal Ramadan (12/26/02).



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