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The three women on this year's "Jerusalem Women Speak:

Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision" tour -- Nahla Assali, Nuha Khoury, and Michal Sagi -- are scheduled to appear on CNN Domestic at 11:10 am and again at 11:35 am on CNN International on Tuesday, March 23.

The women have been doing a tremendous job speaking to audiences during the first few days of the tour.

The public schedule for the March 17-April 2 tour can be found at:

The women will also be on WFAE with Mike Collins in Charlotte on Monday, March 22 from 9:00-10:00 am.



Organizing rally for April 23 International Day of Action Against CAT

Be a Part of the March 20 Global Day of Action

An Open Letter from the Arab-American and Muslim Community to the US Anti-War Movement:

Ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine is essential in the mobilization for the March 20 world-wide anti-war demonstrations. It should also be essential in the US demonstratons.


March 20: The World Still Says No to War



Over 200 U.S. Events Planned

Protests in More Than 50 Countries
Over 500 Groups Endorse Call to Action
Join List of Endorsers
List Your March 20 Event
Receive Mobilization Updates

Momentum is building around the world for the Global Day of Action against War and Occupation on March 20, the one-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq.

On that day, people on every continent will take to the streets to say YES to peace and NO to pre-emptive war and occupation. Joining with growing numbers of military families and soldiers, we will call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and Bushs militaristic foreign policies, and highlight the linkages between the occupations of Iraq and Palestine. March 20 will be the first time the world's "other superpower," as The New York Times described us, will take center stage since February 15, when more than 15 million people across the globe expressed their opposition to Bush's looming war on Iraq.

The March 20 Global Day of Action has been endorsed by the Global Assembly of the Anti-War Movement, the World Social Forum, and the 3rd Hemispheric Forum Against the FTAA. A vast and diverse array of organizations worldwide are hard at work mobilizing for the day.

In the United States, there will be a massive protest in New York City plus dozens of local and regional demonstrations across the country, including a major protest in Fayetteville, NC, the home of Fort Bragg.

Politically, the U.S. protests will also take on the domestic impact of Bush's foreign policieswhat some people call "the war at home." We will express the growing opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act, which has authorized political arrests, indefinite detentions, domestic spying, and religious and racial profiling. We will call for an end to the mass detentions and deportations of innocent immigrants in the name of fighting terrorism. We will say no to massive military spending amidst vast cuts in vital domestic social and economic programs.

Click here or call UFPJ (212-868-5545) to let us know your group is on board.

Bring together local groups to plan March 20 actions in your community. Be sure to list your plans on our calendar so we can help publicize your event to the media and to people in your community.




An open letter and appeal to all the concerned citizens of the state of Georgia:

This is a call to action - to speak out for justice and political freedom!
March 20, 2004 is the first anniversary of the U.S./U.K. invasion and occupation of Iraq. People all over the United States and in other countries are making March 20th a day to express their anger, frustration, and their opposition to the unjustifiable and militaristic policies of the current U.S. administration and the gigantic corporations which support it. In the past year alone, these policies have taken the form of a war with Iraq and the removal of the democratically elected government of Haiti.  Two years ago, the U.S backed an attempted coup d'etat in Venezuela. Since September 11, 2001, the Bush administration has installed a former oil company consultant as ruler of Afghanistan, and Congress has enacted draconian measures restricting American civil liberties in the name of national security.
Where there is no justice, there is no freedom,
and where there is no freedom, there is no democracy!
PEOPLE are organizing and mobilizing to become a POWERFUL VOICE again -- a voice that must be heard and will be recognized as the true voice of America -- demanding justice and freedom for all. This voice, for the most part, has been dismissed and ignored by the mainstream media -- which does not come as a surprise considering the fact all the major radio and television stations across this country are owned by a few giant corporations.
On March 20, 2004, major regional demonstrations will take place in New York City, in San Francisco, in Los Angeles, in Chicago, in Washington DC, and in Boston ....
Here in Atlanta on Saturday March 20th, there will be a march and rally at noon at 1100 Spring Street. Then at 6:00 pm, candlelight vigils will be held at several locations: on the square in Decatur, at Woodruff Library at Clark Atlanta University, and at the Cobb Courthouse on the Marietta Square. The names of U.S. soldiers and Iraqis killed in this war will be read and displayed.
(For more information about the rally and the candlelight vigils please contact the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition at or call them at 404-522-4500.)
Please participate in these events and other upcoming events in the state of Georgia. We have set up a calendar of political and social events for the year 2004 (with contact information) to help in our own small way to get the information out and to invite more people to take part in these actions.
The Calendar of Events is at the end of this e-mail. Please take a few minutes to go over the entire calendar, which includes events both local and national, addressing various social, political, and environmental issues. We have tried to include events pertaining to a wide range of interests in an effort to be of service to people with many different concerns. We have set up a weblog/website for this calendar and we will try to keep it up-to-date and complete with contact information.
Through our participations in these events, WE, the American People, are telling our government and the rest of the world that WE DO NOT support the current policies. 
Our Collective mission is to tell the world that the American people stand with the people all over this world for global economic opportunity, environmental responsibility, social justice, and freedom and democracy for ALL. This mission is not dependent on the outcome of the elections in November.  Politicians come and go, but civic responsibility is ongoing.
You may be asking - who are we, and what is our agenda? 
We are Marcus and Azita -- a married couple with two children living in the Atlanta area who are simply interested in working for peace and justice. We are not affiliated with any organization or group. We are greatly alarmed at the dangerous and unjust policies of our  nation towards its own citizens and the people of the world, and we feel we can no longer sit idly by as spectators.
Our Cry for Justice and Peace for all is not an expression of self-righteousness. It is about saving lives. It is about saving our humanity. It is about taking control of our lives and not feeling hopeless and helpless anymore. It is about finding meaning and purpose in the day-to-day responsibilities of our lives while beginning to take our share of responsibility for humankind. In the midst of the madness and violence and destruction that has been imposed upon us for reasons of greed and power, we want to do our part to restore human rights and dignity -- for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and all those whom we love and care about.
We are sending this e-mail to many people and groups in the state of Georgia, and not just peace activists and organizations. We are sending this e-mail to religious institutions (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, etc.), local and national humanitarian organizations, environmental groups, civil liberties groups, youth and student organizations, cultural and ethnic groups, political groups, labor and farmer organizations, minority groups - African-American, Hispanic, Asian, women, gay and lesbian groups, professors of history, political science, sociology,and religious studies, as well as reporters at the AJC, Creating Loafing, other local newspapers and local TV and radio stations.  We are sending it to as many people and organizations as we can here in the state of Georgia, because we believe that our state and the city of Atlanta can become a leading force in the rapidly growing political and social movements of our time.
Our hope is that the existing groups and organizations and concerned individuals with different causes and agendas will come together to make a resounding voice that can not be ignored and will be heard by many!
We think Atlanta is a natural center for the rapidly growing peace movement. Atlanta is the largest city in the Southeast, with a growing international population. It is the birthplace of the greatest social activist of the 20th century, Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the site of the Carter Center, which is devoted to conflict resolution across the globe, and of course the part-time home of Jimmy Carter, the first U.S. president to make human rights the centerpiece of his foreign policy. It is the home to many people of good conscience who are already working in many ways to make the world a better place. Furthermore, it is the site of CNN, an international media outlet. It should be possible to organize and hold major STREET events -- demonstrations, rallies -- here in Atlanta like in other big cities.
As the writer Mark Harris has said,
"Our individual fates are inextricably linked to the fate of the world."
We would like to hear your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions.
If you agree with and support the content of this message,
please forward it to as many people as you can.
Thank you for your time,
Azita Ebrahimi & Marcus Patton
... Now that you're getting to your favorite part of the story, you
know exactly where you fit in. You surf the collective unconscious,
grabbing all the beautiful flotsam that comes your way. When you get to
shore, build a sculpture unlike anything the world has ever seen.
Somehow your creation reflects the human condition in all its glory.
You can see that making a difference is in your power. You'll reach out
to those who need convincing. You'll sweep up those who need a ride.
- Unknown
Saturday 20th March, 12 Noon, from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square
National Demonstration
A year of lies: 200303 - 200304

Central London
Outline of events leading up to the national demonstration
Download petition Sign petition on-line Order your leaflets and posters
Coach details Send us yours: Liftshare

"March On..." post-demo Club Night @ Bar Lorca, Brixton  (5pounds sterling)  261 Brixton Rod, SW3


International Demonstrations
Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, Bilbon, Bristol, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Donostian, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Gasteizen, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Halmstad, Helsinki, Iruñean, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Oslo, Oulu, Porto, Prague, Ramstein, Reykjavik, Rome, Sevilla, Stockholm, Tampere, Tarragona, Valencia, Vienna, Warsaw
Latin America: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago, São Paulo
Asia: Bangkok, Dhaka, Jakarta, Mumbai, Seoul, Tokyo
  Conference resolutions and reports
Demonstration outside Labour Party Spring Conference
Time to tell the truth, Mr Blair

Saturday 13th March, 12 noon
All Saints Park, Oxford Road, Manchester
Join in the toppling of a statue of Blair
Called by Manchester Stop the War Coalition


Words Of Mass Resistance
Tuesday 16th March, 7.30pm to 10pm
St James, Picadilly
An evening of readings by candlelight that encapsulates some of literature's finest examples of writing in opposition to war in advocacy of peace and justice.
Among the readers will be Richard Wilson, Nigel Kennedy, Jude Law, Tony Benn, Mark Steel, Ken Loach, Kate Hudson, Michael Mansfield QC, Lindsey German, George Galloway, Mike Rosen, Paul Foot, Bruce Kent, Michael Eavis, Kika Markham and Peter Kilfoyle.
Tickets are available (8 waged / 6 concessions) from the Stop the War Coalition or from St. James Box Office on Phone 020 7381 0441.
We are initiating a campaign to persuade the ICC Prosecutor at the Hague to begin an investigation of war crimes committed against Iraq and its people. To this end there will be a
National Legal Strategy Development Meeting
Saturday 27th March, 10.30am to 4.30pm
Friends Meeting House, Euston

We hope that every group will send a representative to take part, contribute ideas and transmit the agreed strategy back to your group. Please the office of the name and e-mail address of your representative before March 23rd so that we can send you details of the agenda and the issues to be addressed.
Letter to the International Criminal Court (Word version)



Activities of The Chicago chapter of the International Solidarity Movement and the Stop CAT Coalition, during March 2004



International Oud Virtuoso Simon Shaheen will perform March 13, 2004 in St. Paul, Minnesota




Palestinian Folklore Exhibition
 We would like to invite you to take a look at our proposal of the Palestinian
 Folklore exhibition, we hope that we can organize this exhibition in your country
 If you accept our proposal
 In case you would like to help us to organize the above mentioned proposal, contact us
 to discuss it.
 Alaa Yousef
 Zajel Youth Exchange Program
 Public Relations Department
 An-Najah National University
 Nablus, Palestine
 Phone: ++ 970 9 2381113/7
 Fax: ++ 970 9 2387982
 Mobile: ++972 59 201 300


Atlantans Commemorate the Death of Rachel Corrie and Call for Justice Tuesday, 4-6 pm: Capitol, Washington Street

March 16 The First Anniversary of Rachel Corrie



Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python (Alquds, 1/25/03.

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